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InJoy Photography's Holiday Gift Guide!

Fall in Fort Wayne has given us a gentle and warm welcome to the approaching winter months, but wish as we may that the high temperatures would stick around, December and all its chilly bliss will be here before we know it! And when December comes, lots of holiday anticipation tags along too! Christmas time is magical, and it’s not just the gifts that make it so, but the practice of giving to one another is a beautiful way to remember the best and most important gift— Jesus. And if you are anything like the team at InJoy, you may think long and hard about the gifts you will be giving. You love watching the faces of your loved ones as they open up a present that was carefully picked out just for them. But sometimes, it’s hard to think of something different from what you’ve given them before! We want to help with that.

We’ve put together a list of businesses that offer items and experiences that would make wonderful presents for your family and friends. Even better— most of these businesses are located right here in Fort Wayne (and many are InJoy clients!). Amazon is always helpful with holiday shopping, but there is something special about giving back to your local community as you give to others. We hope this list is helpful and that it inspires you as you begin planning for this Christmas season!

Hudson Rose Designs offers a variety of specialty apparel with beautiful and fun custom designs for everyday and holidays. Many of the shop’s pieces also help represent our local Leo Lions. Standard team sweatshirts will do the job, but a cute and unique option is always a plus! Gifts cards are also available.

Is there a wine aficionado among your friends or family? Scout & Cellar Wine is a national company that offers delicious, clean-crafted wine from California, Washington, and Oregon. The grapes used are free of pesticides and the wine is produced without artificial processing aids or ingredients. And if you are interested in tasting some of this wine yourself or gifting it this Christmas, a former InJoy photographer, Erin Eicher, works for the company as a consultant! You can contact her to learn more!

Cedar Creek Candles sells handcrafted and artisan candles, scrubs, soaps, and bath

bombs that are responsibly sourced and eco-friendly. They also offer candle pouring workshops that sound like an absolute blast! They are located in Leo. Gift cards are also available.

Anna Lee Huber is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the Lady Darby Mysteries, the Verity Kent Mysteries, and Gothic Myths series. She also is from Indiana! If you have a loved one who enjoys Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle, Huber’s books might be a great author for them to check out!

HelloJordan Art is a talented watercolor artist in Fort Wayne. She creates beautiful, customized watercolor pieces for inquiring customers. Have a friend or family member that would love a painting of a former home or maybe their favorite flowers? She’s your girl!

Creekside Meadows Flower Farm is located in Spencerville, Indiana. What makes this flower farm unique is that they offer special subscriptions so you can regularly enjoy beautiful, handpicked and arranged bouquets. These subscriptions go quickly though! Sign ups start the week of Thanksgiving!

Capriglione Creations offers pottery and clay classes right here in Fort Wayne. The studio is located at the owner’s home and is a great place to get creative and meet others in the community. They offer pottery and clay classes, already made pieces, and pottery supplies.

Becky Nahrwold is a local wife, mom, and artist who specializes in bringing “cherished pets to life on paper.” Her pet portraits would be a wonderful gift for any pet owner in your life, especially those who may have recently had a pet pass away. She also offers services in graphic design and photography.

Have a quilter in your life? Nancy Scott is a designer, author, teacher, quilter, and DIY crafter who helps quilters all across the country develop their skills and make gorgeous quilts for their friends and family. You’ll find quilt patterns and helpful DIY educational products on her website.

Fawnly Prints is a local business in Fort Wayne owned by Marie Heimann. She is a hand lettering and watercolor artist who puts her work on a variety of items: mugs, greeting cards, stickers, prints, blankets, etc. She also is available for custom work inquiries!

Gracelaced Co. is not a local company, but their work and ministry have richly blessed our owner, Danielle, and she always loves to share about them! You can find gospel-centered resources, prints, accessories, stationary, and much more on their website. Their goal is to adorn the gospel with beauty and truth, and their work is stunning.

We always love an opportunity to remind our customers about our session gift certificates! Family photos are a gift that only increases in value as time goes on. And they always are a favorite present for grandparents!

We hope these ideas make some creative sparks fly as you dream and prepare for this Christmas season!

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