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Why InJoy Photography?

Why book with InJoy Photography? What sets us apart from the rest? I'm glad you asked! Watch our video above, then let's dive into some key benefits of booking with us.

1. Experience. I have 4 children of my own; they are what started my love for photography and were my frequent subjects for many years! Now I have been photographing families professionally for over 6 years. In this time I have perfected my strategies for dealing with grumpy children, shy children, energetic children, crying children, you name it, I've seen it all! I have rarely been unable to get a gorgeous gallery of images to a client due to the challenges above.

And families are my specialty! Family photography is the vast majority of what I do, which also has enabled me to hone my skills in this specific genre of photography. While you may be able to pay less for a family session with a photographer who specializes in another genre, or is less experienced, you won't get the same expertise in dealing with children as someone who specializes in family photography.

2. Golden hour. Knowing that many clients book me for my use of light at golden hour, I strive to make sure that each client who desires it is able to have their session on a sunny evening. I intentionally do not overbook myself to the point that I have no wiggle room on my calendar for rescheduling due to clouds (or rain of course!). I want sun just as much as you do! It is my signature look and I absolutely love it. Sunset sessions aren't just one option I offer, they are what I strive to get every single time! Occasionally the weather conspires against us too often (hello, spring 2019!), but I will try my best to achieve that golden hour look for your session.

3. Customer service. My goal is to be the Chick-fil-a of photographers. :) I LOVE spoiling my clients (even the littlest ones; they love my prize box!) and giving them the best experience possible, from the time of booking to well past the end of the session. And the benefits just get better the longer you are a client!

4. A fun, low stress experience. Kids (and even dads!) have commented about how much fun they had at their session. I want to remove as much of the stress often associated with family sessions as possible so that you all can relax, have fun, and enjoy being together, which will absolutely reflect in the finished product! Your session doesn't have to be a stress-filled experience. It CAN be fun, and hiring a photographer experienced with photographing children makes a huge difference!

Need help before the session? We can do that too! Putting together your wardrobe can be challenging also, and so we provide helpful guides, tips, and even feedback if needed, as well as providing the option to have your entire wardrobe styled for you as well. Just ask for that option when you book!

Let us give you the best family photography experience you've ever had. Visit www.injoy-photography.com to book your session before the summer gets away from us! Some months are already booked or close to full. Questions? Shoot me an email at danielle@injoy-photography.com.

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