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Why InJoy Photography?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Choosing a photographer can seem overwhelming, especially since there are so many people in the business! So why book with InJoy Photography? What sets our team apart from the rest? We’re so glad you asked! Take a few moments to watch our video above, and then let's dive into some key benefits of booking with us.

1. Our Experience

Family photo sessions are our specialty. Danielle, our owner and lead photographer, has 4 children of her own. They are what started her love for photography and were her frequent subjects for many years! Now Danielle has been professionally photographing families for over 10 years, and in this time, she has perfected her strategies for dealing with all sorts of children. Grumpy children, shy children, energetic children, crying children, you name it — she has seen it all! And she has never been unable to deliver a gorgeous gallery of images to a client due to the challenges above!

Our associate photographer, Heathyr Harkless, is the founder of the nonprofit organization, “House of Hopes,” which offers philanthropic photography to those experiencing both hardship and happiness. Because of her work, Heathyr is very experienced when it comes to working with children. And the children she works with are often in the worst of circumstances. Heathyr is able to capture beauty where it seems beauty may not exist. This skill has helped her tremendously in her work at InJoy Photography as she interacts with kiddos on the day of their session. From tired toddlers to moody teens who want nothing to do with a camera, she is prepared! Heathyr is also an aunt to a nephew with Down Syndrome and a niece with special needs, and she feels comfortable and confident with these children. Heathyr also has plenty of pageant experience, and this allows her to excel in capturing photos of teens and high school seniors who want to feel beautiful for their photos.

Family sessions are the vast majority of what we do at InJoy Photography, which also has enabled us to hone our skills and strategies! While you may be able to pay less for a family session with a photographer who specializes in another genre, or is less experienced, you will not get the same expertise in dealing with children as someone who specializes in family photography. Let us help make your family photos experience anxiety-free. No matter how crazy the day has been or how challenging a child might be behaving, you will end your session with photos you love

2. Golden Hour

Many clients book InJoy Photography for our photographers’ use of light at the golden hour of the day. We strive to ensure that each client who desires to have sunlight in their family photos be able to have their session on a sunny evening. Our photographers intentionally do not overbook themselves so they can easily reschedule full sessions due to clouds (or rain of course!). We want the sun to make an appearance just as much as you do! It is our signature look and we absolutely love the warmth and beauty it gives to your photos. Sunset sessions are what we strive to get every single time in every single session! Occasionally the weather conspires against us, but we try our best to achieve this timeless golden hour look.

3. Customer Service

Our goal at InJoy Photography is to be the Chick-fil-a of photographers! We LOVE spoiling our clients, even the littlest ones— they love our prize box! We want to give you the best experience possible, from the time of booking to well past the end of the session. And the benefits just get better the longer you are a client! We hope that we will be able to document your family for years to come and share in the joy of preserving memories that will be treasured forever!

4. Fun and Stress-Free

Kids (and even dads) have commented about how much fun they have during our sessions. We want to remove as much of the stress often associated with family photos as possible, so that you all can relax, have fun, and enjoy being together. The environment of the session will absolutely reflect in the finished product! Our time together does not have to be a stress-filled experience. Taking these photos CAN be fun, and hiring a photographer experienced with photographing children makes a huge difference!

5. Here to Help

Need help before the session? We can do that too! Putting together your wardrobe can be challenging, so we provide helpful guides, tips, and even feedback if needed. Please reach out to us about your concerns and questions —we are ready to assist you in any way we can!

Seeing a gallery of beautiful pictures come together makes our hearts burst! Let us give you the best family photography experience you've ever had. Visit to book your session. Any more questions? Shoot our assistant, Miranda, an email at

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